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Come and see Miss Hybrid's Dungeon

Handjob in the dungeon

As the footsteps came closer I could smell the scent of two women. One was the familiar smell of my mistress, the second I had not had the pleasure of before. I felt the soft breathing of the two either side of me then a light touch on both my arms. I could sense, almost feel the two women lean into me, but instead of meeting me half way the two leaned further into each other. I heard their mouths softly meet, soft murmurs coming from them as I imagined their tongues fighting with each other, transferring their juices, searching for the deeper darker recesses of their mouths.

Handjob, Miss Hybrid, India, handjob, dungeon, boots, stockings, fishnets, leather, femdom

By now blood had started to flow to my soft penis, pumping it full, pushing it upwards, searching out for a mate. The anticipation of waiting alone and in the dark, now smelling the sweet allure of not one but two horny women had made my cock almost uncomfortably hard. I wanted to hold it, draw back the foreskin, unsheathe my bulbous helmet but I couldn’t move. In my mind I begged the women to grab me, wet my cock and stroke me, maybe give me a handjob, but I knew I couldn’t form these thoughts into words. My mistress and been quite clear earlier, if I uttered a word, begged for anything, then I would be punished. All I could do was push my hips forward in the hope that relief would come soon.

The stranger to my right nuzzled at my neck, her tongue slowly moving downward, over my collarbone, her mouth engulfed my nipple. The tip of her tongue flicked over it repeatedly. Fuck me, I was loving it. I pushed my chest out, encouraging her to keep suckling at me. I lifted my head up to the ceiling and let out at satisfied moan.

It was then that I heard the clack-clack of my mistress walking away from me, pausing for a moment then returning. Immediately she engulfed my other nipple, gently biting at the little erect tip. “Oh fuck, suck me Miss,” I moaned.

I heard the swish through the air first.

Moments after my mistress pulled away I heard it, and then I felt the sharp pain on the side of my bare buttock as the leather crop found its mark.

“Shhhhshhhhh sweetie,” she whispered into my ear. “Don’t utter another single, fucking word.  Not unless you really want me to punish you.”

I shook my head in the negative. I didn’t want to be punished, I wanted my cock sucked.

Handjob, Miss Hybrid, India, handjob, dungeon, boots, stockings, fishnets, leather, femdom

My mistress, assuming it was she, gently flicked the crop across my cheek. Not enough to hurt but certainly enough to let me know who was in control here. The crop started to travel back down to my chest, tracing a zig-zag route until it reached my lower waist. Here it hovered for a moment or two. Again anticipation began to grow within my loins. My cock still remained strained, outstretched but yet untouched.

The crop gently ran over the top of my upwardly arched stiffy, pausing at the tip and circling my opening, flicking backwards and forwards. I tried to push my cock out by pushing forward with my hips only to be greeted by a pair of latex clad hands pushing me back onto the frame.

The crop again teased my hard cock then continued it journey underneath my shaft before finding my balls. I felt a little nervous now, my tender ball sack contracting away from her touch.

My kinky mistress spat on my cock  then her hand gripped me easily wanking the now very wet shaft. I felt my pre-cum oozing out of the end. The strokes on my cock became less frenetic now, instead short pulls at the base of my dick. I couldn’t hold back a moment longer as a long stream of hot jizz flowed from the end of my throbbing cock. There was a pause in the flow as my cock twitched then another stream shot out. Again, another pause, then more hot spunk. I had never felt myself cum so strongly before.

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Leather Thigh-boots Fuck

Shopping attire

More of Miss Hybrid's stories from her diary

Leather Thigh Boots Fuck

Earlier this morning I had to go out for some shopping and decided what I really needed was a new dress. I told the chauffeur to take me into town and he dropped me off in front of Patrizia Pepe’s shop in New Bond Street. On the way there I had gotten hornier and hornier as I did not get any last night when I was kept up by some boring farts and I had to play the neat entertaining wife. This morning I had not time to get out any of my toys but I did put my remote egg in my handbag.

Anyway I got out of the car and took a look at what they had on offer in the window. Clearly the new season is about lots of black and brown and I saw a few pieces I really liked. I was just thinking I should have called my banker to help me choose some new stuff when I saw that in the mirror of the window a man was standing next to me staring at my image.

I turned my head slowly so as to not look overly suspicious and saw that he did the same thing. He was in his thirties, casually dressed yet with a touch of class and I particularly liked his full blond hair. I think we decided there and then this would one way the other lead to a fuck. I looked him up and down again and noticed he did the same with me. I was dressed rather casually in a pair of jeans, tucked into a pair of stiletto brown boots ending just below my knees and wearing a white blouse and brown chequered jacket with it. My hair was loose.

I made a move for the door of the shop and to my delight I saw that he started to follow me and we both entered the shop. The shop is not extremely big and they had no other customers. There was a very attractive young girl behind the counter but other than that the shop was deserted. She immediately moved towards us. She looked hot. Very hot. She was wearing their latest range with a pair of black tights tucked into the black thigh-boots I had already seen in the window. Suffice to say she managed to distract my attention from the guy who was moving around in the shop on his own. Surely he must have seen the girl…

She offered to show me some of the recent arrivals and as one of their regular customers I did not need to add anything as she would have all my measurements in their system. I scanned the shop and noticed the guy had disappeared. I must have made him shy in one way the other. Annoying though. The girl came back and told me she had put some stuff in the back for me to try on so I made my way to their changing room. It is a very nice room with good light yet not too bright and only two cubicles.

I entered the first one and started taking my jacket off when the door opened and the man entered. He must have been waiting around the corner as I had not seen him and I was pretty sure there was no one else in the room when I went in. He did not say a word but started assisting me in getting out of my clothes. I think my eyes must have given my horniness away and in no time I was standing in from of him all naked except for my piercings of course.

He grabbed my shoulders and took his hands down the side of my arms and he made me shiver. With my right hand I touch his crotch and surely there was a cock in action. I managed to undo his trousers with one hand and took a hold of one of the best looking cocks I had ever seen. It was not huge, not small, perfectly shaped and I was eager. He pushed me onto my knees and I started to suck his cock as if my life depended on it. He tasted extremely nice and I was wondering at the time if his spunk would taste as good.

I did not get the chance to find out as he lifted me up in his arms and lowered me on his throbbing cock. He entered me with no problem and he started moving me up and down. I held on to his arms and could feel that he must be doing quite a bit of exercise with big muscles in his upper arms. I moved my head just below his head and licked his neck and then took a bite. He must have liked it as I could feel his cock respond. I noticed he was leaning back against a thick shelf which was put on the wall and I could feel my orgasm approach. I was now holding his thick hair and eating his earlobe whilst he kept pumping away in my cunt.

Suddenly I noticed some movement behind me but I was unable to look over my shoulder. I felt there was another person in the room which I assumed to be the shop assistant. Now that excited me even more and I was thinking about how she looked. I did not need to see her to have a feel for her soft skin, her tight clothes and shiny black leather thigh-boots. I put one arm over my shoulder without looking and felt by the touch of the hair that indeed it was her.

The next thing I felt was something pushing against my arse. It must have been something lubed as the next moment I felt it entered my arse easily. Now my arse is well exercised as you know but this felt like heaven. I superb cock in my pussy and a fabulous dildo in my arse. I say that is as close to paradise as it could be. The guy managed to hold up his humping and the girl managed to work her way deeper into my arse in the same rhytm. I could hear her panting behind my softly so I do assume she was enjoying her side of things.

Slowly but surely the guy started to accelerate his pace and she kept her tempo at the same speed. The dildo must now have been fully in as I could feel his cock and her dildo touching each other inside of me. I started to completely lose control of my movements and thinking and as I looked him in the eye he managed to up his tempo once more which made me explode as I screamed with pleasure. He took me off his cock and suddenly I was on all fours with the dildo still in me and as I looked down I could see the girl’s thigh-boots whilst he forced his cock down my throat. It was a perfect fit and after two sucks I felt him fill up my mouth and I could not hold it all. It did taste superb. When he finished I got up and turned around and looked at the girl who was massaging her clit wildly having let go of the dildo. I grabbed her hair and kissed her fully on the mouth. She came instantly.

Anyone who wants to go shopping with me?