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Miss Hybrid’s cock slave
The frigid winter day began like so many on Miss Hybrid’s Estate. But today there was something different in the cold crisp air. Her new protege cock slave, JB, was due to arrive just after noon.

You smiled as you thought about the survey he filled out. His obsession with shiny high heels gave you a sense of anxious sexual power. That overwhelming power was destined to be released in just moments as the hallway clock struck two.

As her butler directed cock slave enter the Parlor when you lounged on a sofa, you broke into a tremendous grin as you watched his cock stiffen and push tightly against his tight pants.

“Awww, did Mommy do that?” you giggled as a dark stain began to form about the zipper fold. As JB nervously tried to conceal his leakage with quick rub of his hand, his shaft only became longer popping the zipper open and exposing his member.

“Mmmmm,” you cooed “Don’t fight it baby,” and you laughed as JB’s cock extended to it’s full hardened length, rapidly turning a dark red.

“Lay down on the floor before me and pull down your trousers.” As he complied you removed your riding boots and slipped on your magic steel tipped 6″ fetish heels.

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“I can’t believe how hard you are, little boy,” you moaned, “what would happen if I barely caressed your cock with just a touch of my shiny black patent heel?”

“Ooooo, what a good boy,” you cooed to cock slave, and smiled as his cock began to stretch and extend yet another inch until its helmet grew solid and tight, the veins pulsing with blood as your shiny heel slowly stroked upwards from his aching balls to the dark purple head

“Now watch your Mommy’s finger,” you murmured, as JB focused on your smooth leather gloved digit as it slowly circled the rim of your warm and wet anal rosebud.
“Breathe in the smell of Miss Hybrid’s ass hole” as you smiled as his mind was lost in the sweet stinky aroma of your sphincter.

Knowingly you quickly placed the shiny steel tip of your 6″ heel on the crown of his rock hard penis and you smiled as a huge bead of pre ejact covered its shiny talon.

As you slowly lifted the tip from his cock, the bead extended in a long shiny clear string of boy juice and you laughed as you watched his helpless eyes mindlessly glaze over in frenetic sexual frenzy.

“Oh fuck yes!” you exclaimed, as spurts of pre ejactual lube began to shoot out of cock slave throbbing cock.

cock slave, Miss Hybrid, thigh boots, leather boots, mistress, femdom, domination

“Now be a good boy and shoot your load for Mommy,” you smiled, then slowly slid your steel heel down the length of his pulsing cock and released a stream of cum that shot twenty feet into the air.

As you held your shiny heel steady and saw the look of desperation in JB’s eyes, you giggled as his hips involuntarily began to pump up and down, trying to frantically get friction on their shiny smooth surface. “Awwww, is baby having a hard time releasing his load?”, and you laughed as his cock slide faster and faster against you shiny 6″ heel, glaring in his dazed eyes.
“Empty your aching ball sacks Cock slave.” you cooed, as you stroked his cock hard, wedged tightly now against the steel heel and the vamp of the patent pump……”Oooooo,” you cooed, as his stream of hot milky cum shot like a firehose from his throbbing cock and hit the ceiling.

“Now come here, little boy, and lick all your nasty spunk off your Mommy’s heel,” and you giggled as JB’s cock continued to squirt cum as he scampered over and lovingly sucked on your heel, licking all of his boy lube off their shiny surface. “What a good little boy,” and your other heel continued to milk his cock as you placed your stinky finger under his nose.
“Smell your Mommy’s asshole,” you cooed, then laughed as his cock once again shot yet another stream of cum in the air, then arced in mid flight and rained down on his
spent and exhausted body.
“Oh fuck yeh!” you laughed, “you are my little fetish cock slave.”

Who is Miss Hybrid?

Miss Hybrid, dungeon, latex, leather, mistress, boots

come and answer the question. Who is Miss Hybrid

Who is Miss Hybrid?
This site stands alone with it’s unique stance and delivery of footage. It can be classed in the categories of reality, kinky and is absolutely original. If you like to watch kinky antics, set out as regular story updates this is for you. You will soon be able to answer , Who is Miss Hybrid!
Never before can a site boast of delivering such class. Shot in beautiful rural surroundings with elements of equestrienne, dominance, mind games, cuckoldry and fetishism, it’s one not to be overlooked. The Manor provides an opulent backdrop for all the kinky activities. The vast Georgian stable block has a fully equipped Dungeon which Miss hybrid loves to play in, hidden away in the hayloft.

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The twisted tales of sexual deprivation centre around the ill fated Miss Hybrid, sold in a gambling debt and acquired by the Lord of the Manor. However, the privileged lifestyle did not yield the promises of hedonistic fruits. The Manor is a fetishists dream but to others it would be a nightmare.
The Master of the House has a cruel streak, deriving great pleasure from her suffering. Miss Hybrid, at her sexual peak, is deliberately kept repressed and denied carnal pleasures.
Week on week you get to experience first hand, her plights for sexual gratification. She gets her kicks by orchestrating threesomes or seducing one of the many staff that work at the Manor House. The Staff are all perverts, that and being able to fuck were the only qualifications required for the job. Everyone had been hand picked by the twisted Lord. Miss Hybrid, with her love of cock, leather, rubber, heels and all manner of kinky wear, fits in perfectly. The Staff love her.
You never know what lies in store. The power struggles involve sex, lies, deception and secret films in the quest for orgasmic thrills. Watch the twisted tales of sexual fantasies borne of cruel intentions. Ever wondered how others live? Where the reasons to have sex are no longer to physically gratify. Instead arise from an overwhelming, all consuming desire for revenge, power or kink.

Miss Hybrid, dungeon, latex, leather, mistress, boots

You will be shocked when you see how quickly a genuinely perverted woman’s fantasies can become unleashed, into reality, in the right hands!
Members will get to see the high quality, hardcore images and video, shot with style, in beautiful surroundings. Then everything changed….

Do you still want to know, Who is Miss Hybrid?

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Riding Mistresses, Cruel, Bitchy Ladies

Riding Mistresses

Watch all the stud training videos

Cruel Riding Mistresses and bossy bitchy Equestrienne Lady friends who wear jodhpurs and command discipline

Riding Mistresses Hybrid

Riding Mistresses

Riding Mistresses just love to go out for the day with their cruel, bitchy Lady friends. What better way to spend an afternoon in, than being in the stable training studs. These wild stallions need careful and firm handling when breaking them in. With their roaring testosterone levels they just want to buck and fuck. However, it is our job as his Mistresses to teach him that he only bucks and fucks on our command. Armed with whips we teach him to obey us. Of course he gets rewarded, after he learns who is boss.

Part of the fun when horse riding is wearing jodhpurs that are very tight. The men just stop and stare at my cameltoe – how rude, delightfully so! With nipples erect, pointing through a thin white top, are you surprised that we all come home covered in spunk. Our husbands are happy sneaking off to the Golf, not realising we are being fucked senseless in the stables.

India Riding Mistress

India Riding Mistress

I have had many fun training days in my stables and the walls have seen plenty of sexy action. I have given many riding lessons without the use of a horse. I have been frequently mounted by men and women alike. Some of my favourite memories include having Penelope ride my strap-on and giving Paige a good cropping on her pert backside. There is something very sexy about seeing an equestrienne tied and bound with rope bondage (as long as it’s not me!

Watch all the stud training videos – where cruel women in jodhpurs command discipline.

See an English Lady ride out with her bossy, booted and very bitchy, lesbian Lady friends. Come with me and see what really goes on in the stables of a real English Lady.

X-Frame Kinky Handjob

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Come and see Miss Hybrid's Dungeon

Handjob in the dungeon

As the footsteps came closer I could smell the scent of two women. One was the familiar smell of my mistress, the second I had not had the pleasure of before. I felt the soft breathing of the two either side of me then a light touch on both my arms. I could sense, almost feel the two women lean into me, but instead of meeting me half way the two leaned further into each other. I heard their mouths softly meet, soft murmurs coming from them as I imagined their tongues fighting with each other, transferring their juices, searching for the deeper darker recesses of their mouths.

Handjob, Miss Hybrid, India, handjob, dungeon, boots, stockings, fishnets, leather, femdom

By now blood had started to flow to my soft penis, pumping it full, pushing it upwards, searching out for a mate. The anticipation of waiting alone and in the dark, now smelling the sweet allure of not one but two horny women had made my cock almost uncomfortably hard. I wanted to hold it, draw back the foreskin, unsheathe my bulbous helmet but I couldn’t move. In my mind I begged the women to grab me, wet my cock and stroke me, maybe give me a handjob, but I knew I couldn’t form these thoughts into words. My mistress and been quite clear earlier, if I uttered a word, begged for anything, then I would be punished. All I could do was push my hips forward in the hope that relief would come soon.

The stranger to my right nuzzled at my neck, her tongue slowly moving downward, over my collarbone, her mouth engulfed my nipple. The tip of her tongue flicked over it repeatedly. Fuck me, I was loving it. I pushed my chest out, encouraging her to keep suckling at me. I lifted my head up to the ceiling and let out at satisfied moan.

It was then that I heard the clack-clack of my mistress walking away from me, pausing for a moment then returning. Immediately she engulfed my other nipple, gently biting at the little erect tip. “Oh fuck, suck me Miss,” I moaned.

I heard the swish through the air first.

Moments after my mistress pulled away I heard it, and then I felt the sharp pain on the side of my bare buttock as the leather crop found its mark.

“Shhhhshhhhh sweetie,” she whispered into my ear. “Don’t utter another single, fucking word.  Not unless you really want me to punish you.”

I shook my head in the negative. I didn’t want to be punished, I wanted my cock sucked.

Handjob, Miss Hybrid, India, handjob, dungeon, boots, stockings, fishnets, leather, femdom

My mistress, assuming it was she, gently flicked the crop across my cheek. Not enough to hurt but certainly enough to let me know who was in control here. The crop started to travel back down to my chest, tracing a zig-zag route until it reached my lower waist. Here it hovered for a moment or two. Again anticipation began to grow within my loins. My cock still remained strained, outstretched but yet untouched.

The crop gently ran over the top of my upwardly arched stiffy, pausing at the tip and circling my opening, flicking backwards and forwards. I tried to push my cock out by pushing forward with my hips only to be greeted by a pair of latex clad hands pushing me back onto the frame.

The crop again teased my hard cock then continued it journey underneath my shaft before finding my balls. I felt a little nervous now, my tender ball sack contracting away from her touch.

My kinky mistress spat on my cock  then her hand gripped me easily wanking the now very wet shaft. I felt my pre-cum oozing out of the end. The strokes on my cock became less frenetic now, instead short pulls at the base of my dick. I couldn’t hold back a moment longer as a long stream of hot jizz flowed from the end of my throbbing cock. There was a pause in the flow as my cock twitched then another stream shot out. Again, another pause, then more hot spunk. I had never felt myself cum so strongly before.

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