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Custom Request, bare nailed toes

bare nailed toes

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Bare Nailed Toes Request From A Fan
Hello Miss Hybrid…..I have a Custom Request, for bare nailed toes
I would like to obtain a custom video,about 15-20 minutes
long,of you posing your sexy feet with your toes au
naturelle(unpolished),no nudity necessary, just you wearing a nice mini
dress or skirt. Here is the script as follows: The first part will be of
you stripping the polish off your toenails, and the remainder you are
talking on the phone,standing barefoot. We start off with a close up of
your painted toes, and you say something like,”This (color) nail polish
looks really great,doesn’t it? But I’ve heard you love bare toes without
polish. So for you, I’m going to take this off.” You then remove the
polish off your toes, then do a mini toe show,different angles, with the
end result. Next you are on a phone conversation, standing barefoot. The
kitchen would make a great setting, where you can fix a drink, snack, or
light a cigarette ( if you smoke) before you make the phone call. While
you are standing, you are placing your bare foot on your leg,rubbing up
and down,spreading and flexing your toes, with nice CLOSE UPS of your
unpolished toes.

bare nailed toes

Make sure there are face shots throughout the video. I’ve had some to misunderstand and
show the toes only,and I want to see who those sexy toes belong
to(smile). And that’s pretty much it. I’ve nothing against painted
toes at all, but sexy bare nailed toes DRIVES ME WILD!! Yours would
look sooo sexy to me unpolished. Anyhoo, let me know if you can do it,as well
as the price and we can take it from

I do not do custom videos but if you would like to see more of these photos please follow this link to my site to see more bare nailed toes