Who is Miss Hybrid?
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Who is Miss Hybrid?

Miss Hybrid, dungeon, latex, leather, mistress, boots

come and answer the question. Who is Miss Hybrid

Who is Miss Hybrid?
This site stands alone with it’s unique stance and delivery of footage. It can be classed in the categories of reality, kinky and is absolutely original. If you like to watch kinky antics, set out as regular story updates this is for you. You will soon be able to answer , Who is Miss Hybrid!
Never before can a site boast of delivering such class. Shot in beautiful rural surroundings with elements of equestrienne, dominance, mind games, cuckoldry and fetishism, it’s one not to be overlooked. The Manor provides an opulent backdrop for all the kinky activities. The vast Georgian stable block has a fully equipped Dungeon which Miss hybrid loves to play in, hidden away in the hayloft.

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The twisted tales of sexual deprivation centre around the ill fated Miss Hybrid, sold in a gambling debt and acquired by the Lord of the Manor. However, the privileged lifestyle did not yield the promises of hedonistic fruits. The Manor is a fetishists dream but to others it would be a nightmare.
The Master of the House has a cruel streak, deriving great pleasure from her suffering. Miss Hybrid, at her sexual peak, is deliberately kept repressed and denied carnal pleasures.
Week on week you get to experience first hand, her plights for sexual gratification. She gets her kicks by orchestrating threesomes or seducing one of the many staff that work at the Manor House. The Staff are all perverts, that and being able to fuck were the only qualifications required for the job. Everyone had been hand picked by the twisted Lord. Miss Hybrid, with her love of cock, leather, rubber, heels and all manner of kinky wear, fits in perfectly. The Staff love her.
You never know what lies in store. The power struggles involve sex, lies, deception and secret films in the quest for orgasmic thrills. Watch the twisted tales of sexual fantasies borne of cruel intentions. Ever wondered how others live? Where the reasons to have sex are no longer to physically gratify. Instead arise from an overwhelming, all consuming desire for revenge, power or kink.

Miss Hybrid, dungeon, latex, leather, mistress, boots

You will be shocked when you see how quickly a genuinely perverted woman’s fantasies can become unleashed, into reality, in the right hands!
Members will get to see the high quality, hardcore images and video, shot with style, in beautiful surroundings. Then everything changed….

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